TIFF 2020: Wolfwalkers Review 1

TIFF 2020: Wolfwalkers Review

Wolfwalkers proves the true craft Cartoon Saloon have on offer, and stands as one of the best films from TIFF and potentially the best animated film of 2020.

Scare Me 2020 Review 2

Scare Me (2020) Review

Scare Me is a delightful horror comedy that takes place in a cabin in the woods but Cash and Ruben’s story telling abilities will take you everywhere but.

Possessor (2020) Review 1

Possessor (2020) Review

With Possessor Cronenberg ups the ante on a body stealing killer sci-fi story by adding layers on the duality of the self and a lot of blood.

TIFF 2020: Violation Review

TIFF 2020: Violation Review

A wonderfully realized work of revenge horror that captures the dread, anxiety, and isolation of assault; it is just a shame odd structural choices hold Violation back from greatness.

Fantastic Fest 2020 - The Stylist Review 1

Fantastic Fest 2020 – The Stylist Review

The Stylist is a slasher that collects the best cliches from our favourite movies and uses them to create a unique and special horror tale of a woman with a sharp object.

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